Content Creation

Good Content Requires a Write Person

Content has a job. And it simply can’t do that job if:

  • It’s all very pretty, but unhelpfully esoteric and vague
  • It’s simply too technical for the average bear
  • It doesn’t show, it just tells (and tells, and tells, and tells)


Engage Your Audience

Content – for your website, your presentation, your story – is not about delivering a lecture. Rather, it’s the beginning of a conversation; and perhaps a relationship.

You start with your ‘why’ – your purpose – the mission behind the methods. That’s where you connect with your intended receiver. Without that connection – there will be no conversion.

And you keep it concise – which takes greater ability.

Hemingway was famously credited for communicating an entire story in 6 words: “Baby shoes for sale. Never used.”

If you want a culinary meal of blissful proportions, you hire a chef. If you want useful, readable, compelling content, you hire a writer – one with the chops to deliver the goods (pun intended).