Content Strategy

The Business Strategy of Content

Any business or personal content has one job: to communicate.

You know a lot. You offer a lot. You have a LOT to say.

But how do you get the message across? How do you make yourself understood?


Addressing the ‘Curse of Knowledge’

What you do – what you produce – is something you love very much.

You’re an expert. You know it, you live it, you breathe it. Everything about it makes perfect sense – including why others should use it.

And the thing is – that’s very likely true.


  • Why, then, do you get overlooked?
  • Why can’t others see the value?
  • Why can’t they understand how much this would help?
  • Why isn’t your content converting??

It’s because you’ve got a clog between you and your audience. What is simple to you is foreign to them. Your message is good – but it has to be received and understood. That’s where I can help.