blogs as SEO strategyBlogs are a crucial part of your content marketing

Blogging is crucial. It’s your update to the world – a place to tout your wares, educate people, maybe even make ’em laugh.

It’s also a critical part of your SEO strategy. And like anything else, some are better than others. The better ones are not only good reading, but help drive behavior toward business goals.

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These blogs were for an online learning developer based in Cambridge, MS. They were especially mindful of getting good SEO value from the blogs – from headlines, to content, to sub-headings.


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How to Choose an Air Filter

Air filters are silent sufferers – no one thinks about them because they usually don’t break or make noise. Yet, they’re an important part of your HVAC system – not only helping keep your equipment clean and free of debris, but …



Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating and Cooling System?

You may have noticed your heating or cooling system is not performing up to par. Or it’s always running. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a steady rise in your energy bills. There may be something wrong with your HVAC equipment, meaning you’ll be faced with a decision: do you repair or replace your home’s heating and cooling system?



Controlling Home Humidity All Year Long

The air we breathe looks empty, but it’s not. It’s full of very small molecules –including molecules of water. When temperatures are warmer, those water molecules move around and are more likely to vaporize, making water vapor in the air. In colder temperatures, molecules are more sluggish, so the water molecules stay whole (or freeze if it’s cold enough).



How coast living near saltwater can hurt your air conditioner

Salt, or sodium chloride, may be essential to human life, but it’s not so great for your air conditioner. Saltwater from the ocean contains millions of sodium chloride particles, and it creates a filmy, dust-like coating on surfaces.



How Using a Fireplace Might Affect Your HVAC

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any house and can be an effective way to help heat your home if used properly. Unfortunately, the reality is that many homeowners are just burning through their savings, sending their energy bills up in smoke, along with their health.

The damper puts a damper on saving energy

According to the U.S. Department of Energy…




Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll likely be faced with a home inspection. Because the HVAC system is one of the more important systems in a house, the inspection will certainly include a detailed examination of this equipment.

How well an HVAC unit has been maintained can be indicative of how well the entire home has been maintained, and these are some common problems found during home inspections.

Specific to heating equipment…



Top Air Conditioning Problems in Arizona

When the thermometer outside starts creeping toward that 100-degree mark your air conditioner is going to begin struggling. Even running at maximum capacity, can only keep the air inside about 20 degrees cooler. Prolonged periods of scorching hot temperatures quickly burn up your air conditioner and may eventually cause your unit to tucker out. 

Ways you can help an air conditioner out…



Keeping Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Free from Debris

Air conditioners pull in outside air, so they can cool your home. Keeping the space around the condenser free of obstructions and the equipment free of dirt and debris is crucial for maintaining free air flow.

Adequate and unhindered air flow allows your air conditioner to work more efficiently and last longer.

Debris producers…