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Your website must NOT be a virtual brochure. It has to engage readers at their precise points along the ‘Buyer’s Journey.’ That means understanding this journey strategically, and providing easily-read, useful content that addresses the right need at the right level.

It needs to be SEO (search engine optimization) savvy. This does mean using keywords, but it does not mean stuffing your content with them. Rather using an understanding of analytics to weave in long-tail (phrase) keywords that target the prospects you want. It’s no good having great page ranking if you’re in the wrong search!

Click on the tabs below to see examples of both website content and industry blog content. 


This client developed a multiple-menu 40-page website to improve SEO. Each sub-page required unique content. Go here to see website.


This client used the About Us page to showcase their ‘special sauce’ – those qualities which set them above competitors. Click here to see this page and the rest of the website content.


Samples blogs written for home security

Thee blogs provide related information that would be useful to potential clients – aimed at potential clients who are more in the research phase of the buyer’s journey. [Click on the title to see the blog]

These blogs showcase particular features – aimed at potential clients further along the buyer’s journey. [Click on the title to see the blog]


Click here to see website content